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How are quartiles and deciles determined?

The quartile map called “Engagement vs. Benchmark” is a graphical representation of the distribution of all engagement scores within a particular benchmark.

It shows your organization’s results in comparison with every other organization that was included in the benchmark in a more visual representation and gives you a much better sense of where your organization falls in comparison to the distribution and a better sense of where your organizations relates in terms of “best” and “worst” in class. The graph shows the variation of scores included in that particular benchmark.

All scores for each organization within that benchmark are divided evenly among four quartiles. The top scoring organizations (those with the top 25% of scores) are graphed to the top quartile (or quartile 1. This means the top 25% of engagement scores within the benchmark are represented in this category. The top 50% of engagement scores are in Quartile 1 and 2, while Quartile 4 represents the lowest 25% of scores.

The decile calculation works in a similar way. The top decile of scores include the top 10% of favourable engagement scores.

Updated on: 02/13/2019

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